The Body Shop Foundation

Meet the Team

The Body Shop Foundation is run on a day-to-day basis by an elite squad of admin ninjas.

The Body Shop Foundation is proud to have a very focused, dedicated team behind it, made up of two distinctive clans – the Trustees and the Team.

Our Trustees meet three times a year to discuss all areas of governance and are responsible for the decisions on our grants.  They are made up of personnel from both The Body Shop International and external Trustees.  Between them, they have a wide diversity of skills and experience which further the main aims of the Foundation.  They are as follows:

Chair of Trustees (External Positions) – Andrew Radford, Company Director

External Trustees

  • Rita Godfrey – Sustainability Report Assuror
  • Andrew Wade – Solicitor
  • Gus Colquhoun – Creative Director
  • Jill Cochrane – Communications Consultant
  • Paul Sanderson MBE – Chaplain

The Body Shop Foundation is run on a day to day basis by an elite squad of admin ninjas. Creative, dynamic and humble, the team’s expertise, wisdom and genius wafts off them on a warm summer’s day like an exotic musk.  Members of the Dream Team are:

  • Lisa Jackson – CEO
  • Adelle Scott – Head of Communications & Fundraising
  • Jo Strong – Finance Officer
  • Oli Robinson – Communications & Fundraising Co-Ordinator
  • Alison White – Communications & Fundraising Co-Ordinator
  • Sue Allen – Foundation Administrator