The Body Shop Foundation

Eine Hand Cream

We’ve been helping charities realise their potential since 1989 and this year is no exception.

With help from the lovely people at The Body Shop International, this year sees the launch of two amazing fundraising products – new Limited Edition ‘Change’ Hemp Hand Protector and Limited Edition ‘Change’ Almond Hand & Nail Cream, with exciting packing designed by one of the world’s most renowned street artists – EINE.

Every Limited Edition Hemp Hand Protector or Almond Hand & Nail Cream sold makes a difference; for every tube purchased, £1.50 will be donated to us here at The Body Shop Foundation. This donation will support our global goal of raising £300,000 to protect and enrich the planet, the oceans or animals & people.

Thanks to every tube sold, it means that your soft, beautifully moisturised hands are reaching out to give a hand up, rather than a hand out to protect our wondrous planet and all the incredible species on it.

So, while you are being kind to your hands, you’ve also just handed out a bit of kindness to the world. Well done marvellous, beautiful, compassionate you!

How it Works


First you buy a Limited Edition Hemp Hand Protector or Limited Edition Almond Hand & Nail Cream. Depending on your country, either one or the other Limited Edition product will be available.


Then at the till point, you simply decide which of the three issues means the world to you and who you think should receive the most money.

The Causes

You tell us which of these causes you'd like to see some change and we'll register a vote for you.

Our Planet

The 'natural environment' is everything, living and non-living, that occurs on earth. We know it simply as 'home' and, if we continue to abuse it, it won't be around for our grandchildren's children. Through our funding, we'll be looking to find and fund groups who support our eco-warriors and who help to preserve our beautiful planet.

Our People & Animals

Everything and everyone is connected. It's not just a question of looking at one issue when it has a ripple effect in other areas – it's about looking at our planet as a whole and acting accordingly.
We will be looking for groups who work to protect the world's most vulnerable and threatened – regardless of species.

Our Oceans

As 70% of the planets surface is covered by water, we're determined to protect our oceans. We're looking to bring about marine regeneration by working with organisations who are trying to wipe out the pollution and plastics dumped into the sea, plus protect all the precious eco-systems which live in it – all necessary for full, thriving oceans.

The issue which gains the most votes will also receive the majority of donated money. The issue which comes in first will get 50% of the donation, the issue which comes in second will get 30% of the donation and the issue which comes in third will receive 20% of the monies donated.

Voting takes place in participating stores from February 2016, finishing on 30 June 2016. After all votes have been counted and verified (we’ve always wanted to say that), we will let you know what the winning issue is and who has been funded with the monies raised. Come back here to find out ALL the positive change we’ve made together!

Be the first to hear which cause gets the most votes. Enter you email address below for updates

To give you an idea of the groups, read our latest report on the kind of groups that we work with and the issues we support.

With 25 years experience under our belts and a fantastic network of over 2,500 NGOs to draw expertise and wisdom from, we continue to be in the best position to find the most relevant, innovative issues and groups to support.

And that’s the exciting part – we’re at the start of this journey with The Body Shop International but we’ll be able to report back on who we are helping together with the first run of numbers back and the first donations we receive. This is one of the best bits – reading about who and what has been funded as a result of this teamwork – so make sure that you check in regularly to find out who has been funded, thanks to brilliant you.

Join the global revolution in kindness – head down to your local The Body Shop and buy a 'Change' hand cream today!